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Save the environment and be energy independent.
Let the sky be blue as it used to be!

Providing the best value and best quality is our mission at Blue Sky Technologies USA!
We analyze the structure for solar system installation and energy usage, and customize the solar power system. We select the products for each solar system that will provide the best value for the customer.
We will help customers apply for NJ Clean Energy rebates, get the Federal Government tax credit, and the applicable utility companies’ special solar loan programs.

New Jersey Clean Energy Program Rebate Application
Solar Renewable Energy Certificate Program -- SREC
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Whole Sale and Import
Blue Sky Technologies USA has a wide range of solar panels and solar products from various manufacturers. We have visited many of our manufacturers and met their executive management teams. We sell to installers and consumers the solar panels and solar products to meet their wide ranges of needs.
Solar Power System Designs
Solar power system must be designed to take the full advantage of government rebate and incentives and maximize the solar electricity outputs. We will analyze your site and electricity usage for solar power system design. Since each structure is unique in its location, orientation, neighborhood, roof structure, and particular customer’s needs, the optimized solar system must be customized. We have experienced engineers to develop the design specific for each case. This requires both technical knowledge and through understanding of the regulations and rebate programs.
For people or organizations that do not have Federal tax liability or obligations, we recommend to try Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA). It is a way to find an investor, who can take advantage of the Federal Government tax credit incentive programs, to invest on a solar system on your building and share the benefit with you. We will analyze the structure of the building and financial benefit, and propose a solution for our customers. The Blue Sky Technologies USA will take the responsibility as a construction program manager.
Getting Started
Contact us to begin the discussion of your electrical needs. We will explain solar energy technologies, solar products, cost and benefits of installing solar energy systems, and government rebate and incentive programs.  We will help decide what size system works best for our customers by evaluating their usage history and determining the best placement for the system. Call us at (732) 675-6891. We offer free analysis and free quote estimates based on the design that is suitable for your home.



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