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Welcome To Blue Sky Technologies USA!

At Blue Sky Technologies USA, we are committed to work with our customers to realize the most benefit of the renewable energy technologies and government rebate and incentive programs.

Founded over five years ago, Blue Sky Technologies USA LLC is now focusing on renewable energy. The Federal Government, joining force with the State Government, is providing very attractive incentive programs to the research, manufacture, and consumer market in renewable energy, particularly in solar electric. Due to the lengthy, confusing, and hard to understand government documents, consumers and businesses are slow in getting the solar power benefit even the government will pay for most of the cost.

Therefore, Blue Sky Technologies USA is devoted to providing free seminars and presentation to home owners and business owners about these rebate, incentives, and special solar loan programs. The actual cost is very very low now for many qualified home owners under the current industry dynamics and government regulations. We also provide free assistance to apply for NJ Clean Energy rebate for our customers. Blue Sky Technologies USA is a very customer friendly and customer focused company.

Enjoy surfacing through our WEB and come visiting us in Edison NJ. Let us show you how to get your utility payment and tax dollars back with free, clean solar electricity!

If you have any questions about solar electricity or related field, feel free to give us a call a 732-675-6891.



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If you have any questions about solar electricity or relating fields, feel free to call Blue Sky Solar at 732-675-6891.

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